Reliable and functional solution for your company

VoIP telephony is a reliable and functional solution for your company. All branches and subdivisions of your company using VoIP telephony will be united under a single multichannel phone number.

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  • – Your company's welcome message is played for all the incoming calls. Each call is provided with an IVR menu with the text you choose. You get a multichannel phone number that can automatically forward calls to internal numbers;
  • – Your company's offices and branches are united under one contact number, with no territorial restrictions;
  • – The incoming calls are forwarded to your mobile phone according to your desired schedule;
  • – Conference calls (a conversation with several subscribers of any network at the same time) are supported;
  • – Individual tariff plan for both local and international calls is available.
  • – Wait-and-queue mode with background music for clients – no incoming calls are lost, regardless of whether the line is busy or not. Voice mail for off-hours;
  • – Sales automation – automatic accounting/grouping of orders received via calls;
  • – Operator management system – real-time monitoring of active calls;
  • – Monitoring, statistics, and analysis of calls, automatic generation of client bases;
  • – Auto Dialer – dozens of simultaneous calls to give your users the required information (promotions, news, debts, etc.).